Commit 0bc4d3e9 authored by CET 1999  Olof S Kylande's avatar CET 1999 Olof S Kylande Committed by Olof S Kylander/GIMP

Fix of KDE/Kwm selection add/sub/inter problem NOTE: This is a workaround,

Thu Dec 16 20:15:25 CET 1999  Olof S Kylande <>

        Fix of KDE/Kwm  selection add/sub/inter problem
        NOTE: This is a workaround, not a real fix.
        Many Thanks to Matthias Ettrich

        * app/disp_callbacks.c

        Updated unsharp-mask to version 0.10

        * plug-ins/unsharp/dialog_f.c
        * plug-ins/unsharp/dialog_f.h
        * plug-ins/unsharp/dialog_i.c
        * plug-ins/unsharp/dialog_i.h
        * plug-ins/unsharp/unsharp.c

        Updated print plug-in to version 3.0.1

        * plug-ins/print/README (new file)
        * plug-ins/print/print-escp2.c
        * plug-ins/print/print-pcl.c
        * plug-ins/print/print-ps.c
        * plug-ins/print/print-util.c
        * plug-ins/print/print.c
        * plug-ins/print/print.h

        Updated all files in the help/C/dialogs dir. This is
        a first alpha glimpse of the help system. Please give
        me feedback of the content. However since it's in alpha
        stage it means that there is spell, grammatical, etc errors.
        There is may also be pure errors which I hope "you" will
        report to either or Please
        don't report spell, grammatical, etc error at this stage in dev.

        If you have any plans to commit to the help system please write
        to (This is mandatory not a please ;-).

        * help/C/welcome.html
        * help/C/dialogs/about.html ..............
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