Commit 0bc13bb4 authored by zhenfeng's avatar zhenfeng Committed by zhenfeng zhao

Fade dynamics. Added fade as one more dynamics driving factor on GUI.

Implemented fading dynamics calculation.
Let fade work with all driven factors. Added pixel_dist parameter to get_dynamic_x.
Adjusted function calls for get_dynamic_x.

        * app/paint/gimppaintoptions.c: Added initialization for fading dynamics.
: Added fading related variables similar to Random.
: Adjusted get_dynamics_mix function.
: Added fading calculation in get_dynamics_x functions.
: Adjusted get_dynamic_x functions for fade dynamics.

	* app/paint/gimppaintoptions.h: Added fading_options in GimpDynamicOptions.

	* app/tools/gimppaintoptions-gui.c: Added the function fading_options_gui.

	* app/core/core-types.h: Added fading as the extra point in Gimpcoords.
(not quite sure if it is correct.)

	* app/paint/gimpclone.c
	* app/paint/gimpdodgeburn.c
	* app/paint/gimperaser.c
	* app/paint/gimpheal.c
	* app/paint/gimppaintbrush.c
	* app/paint/gimpsmudge.c
	* app/paint/gimpairbrush.c
	* app/paint/gimpbrushcore.c
	* app/paint/gimpconvolve.c:Adjusted function calls.
get_dynamic_opacity function calls were adjusted
to have one more parameter, paint_core->pixel_dist.

some key words:
parent 5ee13aec
......@@ -200,6 +200,7 @@ struct _GimpCoords
gdouble wheel;
gdouble velocity;
gdouble direction;
gdouble fading;
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