Commit 0af966b6 authored by Nils Philippsen's avatar Nils Philippsen

Bug 641259 - [abrt] gimp-2:2.6.11-1.fc14:

Bug 641259 - [abrt] gimp-2:2.6.11-1.fc14: integer argument expected, got float

py-slice: cast cellspacing to int in pyslice() to avoid tracebacks
parent a69cd746
......@@ -35,6 +35,9 @@ gettext.install("gimp20-python", gimp.locale_directory, unicode=True)
def pyslice(image, drawable, save_path, html_filename,
image_basename, image_extension, separate,
image_path, cellspacing, animate, skip_caps):
cellspacing = int (cellspacing)
if animate:
count = 0
drw = []
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