Commit 0ac7db1e authored by Sven Neumann's avatar Sven Neumann

some small changes to HACKING

parent 8670d7e7
......@@ -31,8 +31,10 @@ Basically this does the following for you:
the Makefiles.
Before running or configure, make sure you have libtool in
your path. Also make sure gtk-2.0.m4 is in the same --prefix relative
to your automake installation.
your path. Also make sure glib-2.0.m4 glib-gettext.m4 and gtk-2.0.m4
are either installed in the same $prefix/share/aclocal relative to
your automake/aclocal installation or call with
'ACLOCAL_FLAGS="-I $prefix/share/aclocal" ./'.
Note that runs configure for you. If you wish to pass
options like --prefix=/usr to configure you can give those options to
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