Commit 09c2ba4c authored by Ell's avatar Ell
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app: fix git-version.h when building linked working tree

When building a linked working tree, $(top_srcdir)/.git is a
regular file, and not a directory.  Change the recipe for
git-version.h to allow that.
parent 7b6d040f
......@@ -273,7 +273,7 @@ dist-hook: dist-check-gimp-console dist-dump-gimprc
# already exists because then we are probably working with a tarball
# in which case the git-version.h we ship is correct.
git-version.h: update-git-version-header
@if test -d "$(top_srcdir)/.git"; then \
@if test -e "$(top_srcdir)/.git"; then \
git_version="`git --git-dir=$(top_srcdir)/.git describe --always`"; \
git_version_abbrev="`git --git-dir=$(top_srcdir)/.git rev-parse --short HEAD`"; \
git_last_commit_year="`git --git-dir=$(top_srcdir)/.git log -n1 --reverse --pretty=%ci | cut -b 1-4`"; \
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