Commit 08bda40e authored by Jehan's avatar Jehan

desktop: add <release> tags for 2.8.x.

Did a bit of archeology to get all the dates back.
I didn't add any description. Not sure if we should bother that much for
older versions (but most probably for upcoming version, would be
I also wanted to add URLs to the various news for each release, but
appstream-util would fail, telling that hyperlinks are not allowed
inside <p>. Unfortunately <release> tag cannot have a <url> child (nor a
property) according to appstream docs. So for now, I'll just stick to
date listing.

(cherry picked from commit 3595ef9d)
parent 84c52d2f
......@@ -36,4 +36,18 @@
<screenshot type="default"></screenshot>
<release version="2.8.22" date="2017-05-11"/>
<release version="2.8.20" date="2017-02-01"/>
<release version="2.8.18" date="2016-07-14"/>
<release version="2.8.16" date="2015-11-22"/>
<release version="2.8.14" date="2014-08-26"/>
<release version="2.8.12" date="2014-08-25"/>
<release version="2.8.10" date="2013-11-28"/>
<release version="2.8.8" date="2013-11-03" />
<release version="2.8.6" date="2013-06-21"/>
<release version="2.8.4" date="2013-02-05"/>
<release version="2.8.2" date="2012-08-24"/>
<release version="2.8.0" date="2012-05-03"/>
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