Commit 0167c61d authored by Michael Schumacher's avatar Michael Schumacher

Make string freezes and translation announcement part of the release process

parent 85ae7d6d
......@@ -3,9 +3,26 @@
a check-list for doing a GIMP release
( ) Announce a string freeze on the GIMP Developer mailing list.
Mention that a release is planned, what brach will be frozen, and
how long the string freeze is going to last. Plan for a couple of
weeks at least. No translatable strings must be touched during
this time. An example announcement message is:
( ) Announce the planned release on the GNOME I18N mailing list.
Let them know about the planned release, what branch it's based
on, and how many changes to expect. An example message is:
( ) Wait until the date specified in the announcements, use this time
to get bug fixes applied which don't modify strings.
( ) Check that you have working ssh access to and
that you are a member of the gimpadmins group.
that you are a member of the gimpadmins group. If not, ask
Michael Natterer or Michael Schumacher for assistance.
( ) Check that has enough space to upload the
release and to place it into the download area. If not, make
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