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    plug-ins, libgimp: override set_i18n() for all our core plug-ins. · 18c37f70
    Jehan authored
    Hence avoiding the stderr messages. These are going to be localized with
    centrally installed catalogs "gimp*-std-plugins", "gimp*-script-fu" and
    We now handle core plug-in localizations differently and in particular,
    with kind of a reverse logic:
    - We don't consider "gimp*-std-plugins" to be the default catalog
      anymore. It made sense in the old world where we would consider the
      core plug-ins to be the most important and numerous ones. But we want
      to push a world where people are even more encouraged to develop their
      own plug-ins. These won't use the standard catalog anymore (because
      there are nearly no reasons that the strings are the same, it's only a
      confusing logic). So let's explicitly set the standard catalogs with
      DEFINE_STD_SET_I18N macro (which maps to a different catalog for
      script-fu plug-ins).
    - Doing something similar for Python plug-ins which have again their own
    - Getting rid of the...