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    app: support saving/exporting with multi-selection. · d3139e0f
    Jehan authored
    This commit just changes our saving API (i.e. the GimpSaveProcedure
    class) to take an array of drawables as argument instead of a single
    It actually doesn't matter much for exporting as the whole API seems
    more or less bogus there and all formats plug-ins mostly care only
    whether they will merge/flatten all visible layers (the selected ones
    don't really matter) or if the format supports layers of some sort. It
    may be worth later strengthening a bit this whole logics, and maybe
    allow partial exports for instance.
    As for saving, it was not even looking at the passed GimpDrawable either
    and was simply re-querying the active layer anyway.
    Note that I don't implement the multi-selection saving in XCF yet in
    this commit. I only updated the API. The reason is that the current
    commit won't be backportable to gimp-2-10 because it is an API break. On
    the other hand, the code to save multi-selection can still be backported
    even though the save() API will only pass a single drawable (as I said
    anyway, this argument was mostly bogus until now, hence it doesn't
    matter much for 2.10 logics).