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    libgimpwidgets: improved gimp_prop_scale_entry_new(), new function… · 2ea5dec5
    Jehan authored
    … gimp_label_spin_set_digits() and deleted gimp_prop_opacity_entry_new()
    - The "digits" argument for the number of decimal places in
      gimp_prop_scale_entry_new() is now mostly useless since GimpLabelSpin
      (hence GimpScaleEntry too) got a nice estimation algorithm of sensible
    - Add gimp_label_spin_set_digits() function to manually set the digits
      property when we don't like the estimated value.
    - Also add a new "factor" argument to gimp_prop_scale_entry_new(). Its
      role is to allow a GimpScaleEntry showing a factored range, typically
      a [0, 100] range for some types of [0, 1] properties.
    - Remove gimp_prop_opacity_entry_new() which was basically a
      special-case of gimp_prop_scale_entry_new() and which can now be
      easily reproduced by simply set factor=100.0.
    - Update all usage of gimp_prop_scale_entry_new() in app/ and plug-ins/
      with updated arguments. It is interesting to note that all existing
      usage were either integers (digits=1) or when double, the estimated
      decimal places are the same as the ones which were manually set (hence
      showing the generic estimation is not too bad). So the new function
      gimp_label_spin_set_digits() was not even needed once in current code.