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    app, libgimp*, pdb, plug-ins: use g_memdup2() instead of g_memdup() · 49e53424
    Jehan authored
    Since it appeared with GLib 2.68.0, we could not change this until we
    bumped the dependency which has only become possible a few days ago
    (since Debian testing is our baseline for dependency bumps). Cf.
    previous commit.
    As this is a drop-in replacement (just a guint parameter changed to
    gsize to avoid integer overflow), search-and-replace with:
    > sed -i 's/g_memdup\>/g_memdup2/g' `grep -rIl 'g_memdup\>' *`
    … followed by a few manual alignment tweaks when necessary.
    This gets rid of the many deprecation warnings which we had lately when
    building with a recent GLib version.