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    devel-docs: we must still restart a plug-in to debug with SIGCONT. · fadda1b8
    Jehan authored
    Commit 59f2ba44 changed the devel docs to tell that on Linux, just
    running the gdb command `continue` is enough to restart the plug-in
    process. Maybe it is true on some specific setups, so I leave this part
    of the note, but for sure it never worked for me. I may run `continue`
    as many times as I want, the process stays stopped until I explicitly
    send a SIGCONT signal (our code raises itself a SIGSTOP which requires a
    SIGCONT for continuation of the process).
    Maybe in some configurations, gdb actually sends a SIGCONT when
    `continue` is run but not in others? No idea.
    Anyway I add back the part about sending a SIGCONT too, then people can
    test and choose which procedure works for them.