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    LICENSE: add a note about data/ licensing for future added data. · 6ffdea6a
    Jehan authored
    I am adding this note as a consequence of this discussion on
    Now we were always very clear that GIMP can be used for whatever use you want
    and that the project doesn't intent to claim any rights on produced artworks.
    There is even a FAQ entry about the fact we don't intend to put any restriction
    on people's work (though this FAQ entry was added in 2015 AFAICS):
    Yet it's better to be as clear as possible. Therefore this new note in the
    LICENSE file will serve to make sure any new data is properly licensed CC0 by
    the simple fact of contributing it.
    This is similar to the fact that people contributing patches to core GIMP (app/)
    are implicitly licensing it as GPL. Now people contributing data to data/ are
    implicitly licensing it as CC0 as per our LICENSE file.
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