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    Bug 768915 - Generate build-related files that use GIMP version and ... · 28ef4570
    Kristian Rietveld authored
    We now generate info.plist during the build. There are multiple ways
    to do this, but I settled on invoking sed from a Makefile. The problems
    with other possible ways were:
    - Although we could have used simple substitution from configure, this
      would not include the last modification year. This could have been added
      to configure, but we probably also want this to update within a make
      clean - make cycle without re-running configure. For git-version.h
      this is also done from a Makefile and not configure.
    - Using the C preprocessor (that XCode apparently does) to generate
      info.plist did not work properly.
    - Using PListBuddy would reorder the entire info.plist file, making it
      hard to inspect the changes made as a human.
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