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    Actually use the enum types GimpImageType, GimpImageBaseType, · f6858e21
    Tor Lillqvist authored
    	* app/*.[ch]: Actually use the enum types GimpImageType,
    	GimpImageBaseType, LayerModeEffects, PaintApplicationMode,
    	BrushApplicationMode, GimpFillType and ConvertPaletteType, instead
    	of just int or gint. Hopefully I catched most of the places
    	where these should be used.
    	Add an enum ConvolutionType, suffix the too general constants
    	instead of NORMAL in some places (this was what was intended). Fix
    	some minor gccisms.
    	* app/apptypes.h: New file. This file contains the above
    	enumeration types, and some opaque struct typedefs. It was
    	necessary to collect these in one header that doesn't include
    	other headers, because when we started using the above mentioned
    	types in the headers, all hell broke loose because of the
    	spaghetti-like cross-inclusion mess between headers.
    	(An example: Header A includes header B, which includes header C
    	which includes A. B uses a type defined in A. This is not defined,
    	because A hasn't defined it yet at the point where it includes B,
    	and A included from B of course is skipped as we already are
    	reading A.)
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