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    Fixed incomplete core/ui separation of paint tools and paint methods: · ef9b04c5
    Michael Natterer authored
    2005-12-27  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
    	Fixed incomplete core/ui separation of paint tools and paint
    	* app/core/core-enums.h
    	* app/core/gimpcontext.[ch]: added a "paint-info" property and API
    	so the current paint method can be selected without the need for
    	an active tool.
    	(gimp_context_real_set_tool): set the paint-info to
    	tool_info->paint_info so the paint method follows the active tool
    	just as the active image follows the active display.
    	* app/core/gimp.h (struct Gimp)
    	* app/core/gimppaintinfo.[ch]: added "standard_paint_info" API
    	and stuff to be consistent with other context object properties.
    	* app/paint/gimp-paint.c: set the paintbrush as
    	* app/core/gimpstrokedesc.c (gimp_stroke_desc_new): removed the
    	hack of falling back to the paintbrush when there is no active
    	tool and use the active paint method instead. Fall back to the
    	standard paint method if there is no active one.
    	(nothing in the core uses the active tool any more now).
    	* app/widgets/gimpdeviceinfo.h: add the paint info to the
    	properties which are saved in devicerc.
    	Added identifiers (names) and stock-ids to GimpPaintInfo:
    	* app/core/gimppaintinfo.[ch] (gimp_paint_info_new): added
    	identifier and stock-id parameters.
    	* app/core/gimptoolinfo.c (gimp_tool_info_new): removed the hack
    	of setting the paint-info stock-id from the tool-info stock-id.
    	* app/paint/paint-types.h
    	* app/paint/gimp-paint.c: changed GimpPaintRegisterCallback
    	* app/tools/gimp-tools.c (gimp_tools_register): changed paint
    	info names accordingly.
    	* app/paint/*.c (gimp_*_register): pass identifier and stock-id
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