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    app: Get rid of config -> display module dependency · ed2d178d
    Martin Nordholts authored
    In order to make a clear separation between the core modules and the
    UI modules, move the necessary enums from display-enums.h and
    widgets-enums.h to config-enums.h and the files
    gimpdisplayoptions.[ch] from the display to the config module. This
    removes the config -> display dependency.
    This change has three main benefits
     * It lets us remove includes of display files from the config module
     * We don't have to link gimp-console and test-config with a subset of
       object files from the display module
     * It is reflected in devel-docs/gimp-module-dependencies.svg that the
       application is made up of core modules and UI modules and that no
       core module depends on any UI module
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