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    libgimp: start integrating image export with GimpProcedureConfig · 8219092a
    Michael Natterer authored
    Add gimp_procedure_config_begin_export() and end_export() which
    are wrappers around begin_run() and end_run() and additionally
    pretty much completely manage GimpMetadata handling.
    A GimpProcedureConfig can provide boolean properties "save-exif",
    "save-xmp" etc. in order to have them automatically managed by
    begin_export() and end_export(). This also restores the feature of
    overriding the procedure's saved default values with export
    preferences, but not the values from the last export, like it
    used to be in 2.10.
    Move gimp_image_metadata_save_prepare() and save_finish() (which are
    now completely handled by GimpProcedureConfig) from libgimpui to
    libgimp, but keep their declarations in the libgimpui header. Not
    perfect, but not finished either.
    Also fix gimp_image_metadata_save_prepare() to set the affected
    GimpMetadataSaveFlags to 0 when the image has no metadata at all.
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