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    Sven Neumann <sven@gimp.org> · df9eeff6
    Michael Natterer authored
    2000-07-16  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
    	    Sven Neumann      <sven@gimp.org>
    	* AUTHORS
    	* gimp.1.in
    	* app/about_dialog.c: removed two accidentially added non-authors.
    	* app/errors.[ch]
    	* app/main.c: added a new command line option
    	"--enable-stack-trace" which can be one of {never|query|always}.
    	* app/plug_in.c
    	* libgimp/gimp.c: pass the stack trace mode as an argv[] element to
    	plug-ins. Cleaned up the plug-ins' argv[] (removed unused TILE_WIDTH
    	and TILE_HEIGHT arguments, always pass 6 arguments to make the code
    	* libgimp/gimpenums.h
    	* plug-ins/script-fu/script-fu-constants.c
    	* tools/pdbgen/Makefile.am
    	* tools/pdbgen/enums.pl: export the app's STACK_TRACE_MODE enum.
    	* plug-ins/common/plugindetails.c: made the titles of the tree view
    	unclickable, cleanups.
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