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    Bug 795230 - Rename Blend tool and provide PDB compatibility · 50536e1c
    Michael Natterer authored
    Add new PDB group "drawable_edit" which has all procedures from the
    "edit" group which are not cut/copy/paste.
    The new group's procedures don't have opacity, paint_mode
    etc. arguments but take them from the context instead. Unlike the old
    gimp-edit-fill, gimp-drawable-edit-fill now uses the context's opacity
    and paint_mode.
    The new gimp-drawable-edit-gradient-fill procedure uses even more
    context properties which are also newly added with this commit
    (gradient_color_space, gradient_repeat_mode, gradient_reverse).
    And some cleanup in context.pdb.
    This is still WIP, nothing in the edit group is depcreated yet.
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