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    libgimpconfig: align GimpConfig with the rest of the interfaces · 44a800f0
    Ell authored
    Unlike the last two commits, we don't port GimpConfig to
    G_DEFINE_INTERFACE(), since we need to provide a base initializer
    for it.  However, this commit aligns it with the rest of our
    intefaces, by renaming gimp_config_interface_get_type() to
    gimp_config_get_type(), and by performing class initialization for
    the interface in a separate function than base initialization.
    Keep gimp_config_interface_get_type() around as a deprecated
    function, to maintain ABI compatibility.  It will be removed in a
    separate commit in master, so that this commit can be easily
    cherry-picked to gimp-2-10.
    (cherry picked from commit 5f8643a6)
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