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    removed some nonfunctional code. · d996031a
    jaycox authored
    	* app/edit_selection.c: removed some nonfunctional code.
    	* app/paint_core.c: remove the alt toggles perfectmouse behaviour.
    	* app/paintbrush.c: when ctl (or alt) is held set the fg (or bg) color.
    	* app/gimpparasite.[ch]: made char *name parameters const.
    	* app/parasitelist.c: removed unused static variable.
    	* app/gimpdrawable.c, app/gimpimage.c, app/undo.[ch]: added
     	support for undoing parasite changes.
    	* libgimp/gimp.h, libgimp/gimpimage.c: added
     	gimp_undo_push_group_start and gimp_undo_push_group_end
    	* libgimp/parasite.[ch]: added undoable flag.
    	* plug-ins/gdyntext/font_selection.c: fixed c++ style comment.
    	* plug-ins/gdyntext/gdyntext.c: use the new undoable parasites.
    	* plug-ins/rcm/rcm_misc.c: arctg can't be inline because it is
     	used in other .c files
    	* plug-ins/waterselect/waterselect.c,
    	* plug-ins/rotators/rotators.c, app/tips_dialog.c, app/plug_in.c:
     	fixed some warnings
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