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    app/tile_swap.c app/tile_swap.h app/tile_manager.c app/tile_manager.h · d2e6afe0
    EDT 1998 Michael K. Johnson authored
    Sun Jul 12 19:00:15 EDT 1998 Michael K. Johnson <johnsonm@redhat.com>
    * app/tile_swap.c
    * app/tile_swap.h
    * app/tile_manager.c
    * app/tile_manager.h
    * app/pixel_region.c
    * app/pixel_region.h: asynchronous swapin on systems with pthreads.
    This version is not at all tuned, and the only interface which makes use
    of it now is pixel_region_{g,s}et_{row,col}.  Other functions which know
    ahead of time the area that they will be needing can request that it be
    asynchronously swapped in via the pixel_region_get_async() function.
    Compiles and survives basic testing.
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