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    Add 'Automatic' Tab Style support · 9b86acd1
    Martin Nordholts authored
    Add support for a new type of Tab Style called 'Automatic'. This tab
    style makes the GimpDockbook use the biggest actual tab style it can
    for its auto tab style dockables, based on its widget allocation.
    The tab style candidates for auto tab style are "Status + Blurb",
    "Status + Text" and "Status". A docked widget can also say that it
    wants to use "Icon" instead of "Status" for its auto tab style. The
    'Tool Options' dockable does this. This is to be as backwards
    compatible with the old tab style setup, we make 'automatic' the
    default everywhere.
    We have quite a bit of dependency to internal layout code in
    GtkNotebook, but the current code should be pixel perfect and rather
    Also add a basic regression test.
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