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    moved a bunch of PDB stuff here · 993089b8
    Manish Singh authored
    * app/color_cmds.c: moved a bunch of PDB stuff here
    * app/color_balance.[ch]: removed PDB proc, exported TransferMode
    enum, ColorBalanceDialog, color_balance_create_lookup_tables, and
    * app/curves.[ch]: removed PDB procs, exported SMOOTH and GFREE
    #defines, CurvesDialog, curves_lut_func and curves_calculate_curve
    * app/desaturate.[ch]: removed PDB proc, exported desaturate
    * app/equalize.[ch]: removed PDB proc, exported equalize
    * app/histogram_tool.[ch]: removed PDB proc, exported HISTOGRAM_WIDTH
    and HISTOGRAM_HEIGHT #defines, HistogramToolDialog,
    * app/hue_saturation.[ch]: removed PDB proc, exported HueRange enum,
    HueSaturationDialog, hue_saturation_calculate_transfers,
    * app/invert.[ch]: remove PDB proc, export invert
    * app/threshold.[ch]: remove PDB proc, export ThresholdDialog and
    * internal_procs.c: changes for pdbgen
    * app/gimprc.c: removed leftover declaration
    * app/image_map.h: add #include "gimpdrawableF.h"
    * app/lut_funcs.h: add ALPHA_LUT to ChannelLutType