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    app, libgimpbase: add GIMP_SELECT_CRITERION_LINE_ART selection type. · 8ed12b1b
    Jehan authored
    This commit implements part of the research paper "A Fast and Efficient
    Semi-guided Algorithm for Flat Coloring Line-arts" from the GREYC (the
    people from G'Mic). It is meant to select regions from drawn sketchs in
    a "smart" way, in particular it tries to close non-perfectly closed
    regions, which is a common headache for digital painters and colorists.
    The implementation is not finished as it needs some watersheding as well
    so that the selected area does not leave "holes" near stroke borders.
    The research paper proposes a new watersheding algorithm, but I may not
    have to implement it, as it is more focused on automatic colorization
    with prepared spots (instead of bucket fill-type interaction).
    This will be used in particular with the fuzzy select and bucket fill
    Note that this first version is a bit slow once we get to big images,
    but I hope to be able to optimize this.
    Also no options from the algorithm are made available in the GUI yet.