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    some minor fixes / cleanup. · 714f4b14
    Michael Natterer authored
    2001-04-23  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
    	* app/gimpcontext.[ch]: some minor fixes / cleanup.
    	* app/gimpdata.c: forgot to gtk_object_class_add_signals() in
    	* app/gui/dialogs-constructors.[ch]: added a tool_tab_func() so
    	the notebook tab shows a tool preview, pass a GimpContext to all
    	dialog constructors and added set_context() functions for all
    	dockable based dialogs so they can be configured to use the
    	context of the destination dock when dragging them around.
    	* app/widgets/gimpcontainermenuimpl.c: removed debugging output.
    	* app/widgets/gimpdialogfactory.[ch]: add a method to create
    	dockables (which gets passed the dock the dockable will be added
    	to) so the dockables can be created in the right context.
    	* app/widgets/gimpdock.[ch]: added a GimpContext attribute, remove
    	the dockbooks explicitely in destroy().
    	* app/widgets/gimpdockable.[ch]: dockables now know about their
    	set_context_func() and can thus be dragged between different
    	* app/widgets/gimpdockbook.c: gimp_dockbook_add(): refuse to add
    	dockables to dockbooks which are not part of a dock, set the
    	dockable's context after adding it.
    	* app/widgets/gimpimagedock.[ch]: image docks now keep a pointer
    	to the global image list which is passed to them on construction
    	so they don't need to know about the global "image_context"
    	variable, added an "Auto" button like in L&C.
    	* app/gui/dialogs-commands.c: changed accordingly.
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