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    app/actions/layers-actions.c added actions and callbacks · 6a723efc
    Michael Natterer authored
    2004-09-15  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
    	* app/actions/layers-actions.c
    	* app/actions/layers-commands.[ch]: added actions and callbacks
    	"layers-preserve-transparency" and
    	"layers-paint-mode-first,last,previous,next". Update the "active"
    	state of the recently added layer mask property actions in
    	* app/actions/drawable-actions.c
    	* app/actions/drawable-commands.[ch]: added actions and callbacks
    	for "drawable-visible" and "drawable-linked". Fixes bug #152597.
    	* app/actions/vectors-actions.c
    	* app/actions/vectors-commands.[ch]: same here ("vectors-visible"
    	and "vectors-linked").
    	* app/widgets/gimplayertreeview.c
    	(gimp_layer_tree_view_preserve_button_toggled): flush the image
    	so the new actions are updated. Compress preserve_trans undos.
    	* menus/image-menu.xml.in: added the layer mask property actions
    	to the Layers/Mask submenu.
    	* menus/layers-menu.xml: reordered the mask property actions
    	to have the same order as in the image menu.
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