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    app: now also process the build revision when checking for updates. · 7b5fff78
    Jehan authored
    The idea is to be able to advertize a new revision of the same version
    of GIMP. For instance, this would apply when we release a
    `gimp-2-10-14-setup-3.exe` Windows installer (then we are at revision
    3, provided we started at revision 0).
    The revision number is obviously only relevant to a given platform and
    version. Also the concept of build ID allows to differentiate various
    builds for a same platform, in particular to not look at revisions of
    third-party builds. The build ID can be any string. Maybe we could just
    use reverse DNS build id (such as "org.gimp.GIMP_official") to identify
    the official GIMP build. So in the end, we only compare revisions for an
    identical (version, platform, build-id) tuple.
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