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    app/tools/gimprectangletool.[ch] transform into an interface. · 5a9f83bd
    Karine Delvare authored
    2005-08-15  Karine Delvare  <kdelvare@nerim.net>
            * app/tools/gimprectangletool.[ch]
            * app/tools/gimprectangleoptions.[ch]: transform into an interface.
            * app/tools/gimpcroptool.[ch]
            * app/tools/gimpnewrectselecttool.[ch]: use the rectangletool interface.
            * app/tools/gimpcropoptions.[ch]
            * app/tools/gimpnewrectselectoptions.[ch]: use the rectangleoptions
            * app/tools/Makefile.am: added gimpnewrectselectionoptions.[ch]
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