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    app: start porting away from GtkAction and friends · 417d0dcc
    Michael Natterer authored
    Step one: get rid of all those deprecation warnings that make
    it hard to see any other warnings:
    - add a lot of dummy API to GimpAction, GimpActionGroup, GimpUIManager
      etc. which simply forwards to the deprecated GTK functions, they
      will all go away again later
    - rename GimpAction to GimpActionImpl
    - add interface GimpAction that is implemented by all action classes,
      creates a common interface and allows to remove some duplicated
      logic from GimpToggleAction and GimpRadioAction, and at the same
      time adds more features
    (cherry picked from commit 86e07c16)
    Merged to gimp-2-10 to keep the diff to master as small as possible
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