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    Added saving of .gih files. · 416aa56f
    Tor Lillqvist authored
    1999-08-24  Tor Lillqvist  <tml@iki.fi>
    * plug-ins/common/gpb.c: Added saving of .gih files.
    * plug-ins/common/psp.c: Small changes, renamed the parasite.
    * docs/parasites.txt: Suggesta a parasite for pixmap brush pipes.
    * docs/gih.txt: Add the above parasite on the second line after
    the number of brushes. Suggest how to edit brush pipes.
    * docs/gpb.txt: Mention the gpb plug-in.
    * app/pixmapbrush.c: Small clarification.
    Fixes by Hans Breuer:
    * libgimp/gimp.def: Add missing entries.
    * app/gimpimage.h: Added declaration of	gimp_image_{freeze,thaw}_undo.
    * modules/makefile.msc: Drop the .msvc from dll names.
    * plug-ins/common/jpeg.c: Guard inclusion of
    unistd.h. (save_dialog): Restrict text box height to help people
    with small displays.