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    build but *dont link* display-enums.obj, widget-enums.obj and · 3b303914
    Hans Breuer authored
    2004-07-31  Hans Breuer  <hans@breuer.org>
    	* app/display/makefile.msc app/widgets/makefile.msc : build
    	but *dont link* display-enums.obj, widget-enums.obj and
    	gimpdisplayoptions.obj. They must be in the dll
    	* app/makefile.msc : build gimp.exe and gimp-console.exe both
    	using the same gimp-core.dll
    	* app/gimpcore.def : new file, exports for gimp-core.dll
    	* app/Makefile.am : added to EXTRA_DIST
    	* cursors/makefile.msc : new file to create gimp-tool-cursors.h
    	* cursors/Makefile.am : added to EXTRA_DIST
    	* **/makefile.msc : updated
    	* app/main.c app/app_procs.c : moved code to close the console
    	from the former to the later. It only is to be used if The Gimp
    	is not build as console app.
    	* plug-ins/gfig/gfig.c : dont gimp_drawable_detach() the same
    	drawable twice
    	* plug-ins/gfig-dialog.c() : added a g_return_if_fail() to avoid
    	crashing on File/Import
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