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    Misc changes for .18 · 2ce0e150
    Manish Singh authored
            * app/indexed_palette.c: fix for wrong color selected in indexed
            palette dialog
            * app/xcf.c: don't crash on bad input (0 byte files)
            * app/plug_in.h
            * app/plug_in.c: fixes Gimp's most obscure bug. Failed plugin
            queries are handle correctly now
            * app/commands.c: added marching ants speed to preferences
            * plug-ins/tiff/tiff.c: correction for inversion for MINISWHITE
            images without alpha
            * plug-ins/pcx/pcx.c: updated to new version
            * app/paint_funcs.h: changed OPAQUE and TRANSPARENT to
            OPAQUE_OPACITY and TRANSPARENT_OPACITY to avoid possible
            conflicts. All affects .c files changed.