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    added g_strcompress from glib-1.3 · 261e3c68
    Sven Neumann authored
    2000-08-01  Sven Neumann  <sven@gimp.org>
    * libgimp/gimputils.[ch]: added g_strcompress from glib-1.3
    * plug-ins/gdyntext/gdyntextutil.[ch]: removed since it duplicated
    gimp_strescape and the newly added gimp_strcompress.
    * plug-ins/gdyntext/Makefile.am
    * plug-ins/gdyntext/gdyntext.[ch]
    * plug-ins/gdyntext/gdyntext_ui.c
    * plug-ins/gdyntext/gdyntextcompat.c: use the new functions and
    got rid of some gimp_run_procedure calls since we now have proper
    wrappers in libgimp.
    * plug-ins/common/autocrop.c
    * plug-ins/common/gif.c
    * plug-ins/common/gifload.c
    * plug-ins/common/guillotine.c
    * plug-ins/common/mail.c
    * plug-ins/common/screenshot.c
    * plug-ins/common/tile.c
    * plug-ins/common/zealouscrop.c
    * plug-ins/gflare/gflare.c
    * plug-ins/gimpressionist/gimpressionist.c
    * plug-ins/pagecurl/pagecurl.c
    * plug-ins/script-fu/script-fu-scripts.c
    * plug-ins/script-fu/script-fu.c: replaced gimp_run_procedure
    calls with functions from libgimp that wrap the PDB calls.
    Sorry, all this is untested but I will leave tomorrow and hope to
    get some hacking done at Mitch's place. So I wanted that stuff to
    be in CVS. There are good chances that it works...
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