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    Stop accessing GimpPaintCore's coords members directly (no encapsulation yet). · 07ba32d6
    Michael Natterer authored
    * app/paint/gimppaintcore.[ch]: add
      gimp_paint_core_{get|set}_{current|last}_coords(), add "const GimpCoords*"
      parameter to ::paint() which gets core->cur_coords passed.
    * app/paint/gimpsourcecore.[ch]: add "const GimpCoords*" to ::motion().
    * app/paint/gimpbrushcore.c: use the new coords getters/setters instead
      of accessing GimpPaintCore members directly.
    * app/paint/gimpairbrush.c
    * app/paint/gimpclone.c
    * app/paint/gimpconvolve.c
    * app/paint/gimpdodgeburn.c
    * app/paint/gimperaser.c
    * app/paint/gimpheal.c
    * app/paint/gimpink.c
    * app/paint/gimppaintbrush.[ch]
    * app/paint/gimpperspectiveclone.c
    * app/paint/gimpsmudge.c: change implementations of GimpPaintCore::paint()
      and GimpSourceCore::motion() accordingly. app/paint/ is now virtually
      free of direct access to the paint core's coords members. More to come...
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