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                   GNU Image Manipulation Program
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                         Development Branch
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This is the development branch of The GIMP. Here's where all the shiny
new stuff is being done that will one day be released as GIMP 2.4.
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Changes in CVS (not released yet)

- allow to copy and paste SVG between GIMP and other applications
- added a utility for testing and debugging clipboard operations
- more work on the new vectors PDB API
- made screen edges active in the image display in fullscreen mode
- made file and color selection dialogs transient to their parent windows
- moved browser widget from Procedure Browser plug-in to libgimpwidgets
- allow more search types in the Procedure Browser
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- reduced size of the Colors dockable by moving the hex entry down
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- added object properties to GimpColorArea and GimpColorButton
- changed default for RGB->Indexed conversion to not to any dithering
- allow to paste a new image using Ctrl-V on the toolbox
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- show previews of dash presets in Stroke Options dialog
- Escape key cancels the window selection in the Screenshot plug-in
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- bug fixes and code cleanup

Changes in GIMP 2.3.0
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- added Recompose plug-in
- added rectangle tool in GFig plug-in
- improved palette editor color DND
- improved EXIF handling in JPEG plug-in
- smoother autoscrolling in image display
- added Snap to Canvas Border and Snap to Path (yet unimplemented)
- added previews to Mosaic, Pixelize and Sparkle plug-ins
- added Lanczos interpolation method
- added Open as Image menu entries to brushes and patterns dialogs
- improved drag-n-drop of drawables within GIMP
- added a prototype of a new rectangular select tool
- moved a bunch of enums from core into libgimpbase
- moved GimpConfig functionality from core into libgimpconfig
- moved GimpEnumStore and GimpEnumComboBox to libgimpwidgets
- moved convenience constructors for property views to libgimpwidgets
- ported ImageMap plug-in to action based menus.
- first steps towards color management
- use GOptionContext for command-line parsing
- added a gnome-vfs backend for the uri plug-in (former url plug-in)
- prepared code for accessing remote files in the file-chooser
- let all dialogs obey the gtk-alternative-button-order setting
- extended GimpProgress PDB API
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- improved file type handling in file save dialog
- resurrected threaded pixel processor and enable it by default
- parallelized a few more internal functions
- speed up gradient dithering
- improved PSD save plug-in
- improved Python bindings
- allow to resize layers with the image
- allow to control letter spacing in the text tool
- added path-on-path functionality, use it to implement Text on Path
- improved gradient editor
- allow to import paths from a string
- ported all code to gstdio wrappers
- added infrastructure for color sample points
- added first draft of a metadata editor plug-in
- speed up burn compositing function
- added Altivec versions of some compositing functions
- added PDB API to control the number of columns in a palette
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- allow to control hue overlap in Hue-Saturation tool
- added a PDB API to register menu branches
- added missing mnemonics
- improved Screenshot plug-in
- allow to drag brushes/patterns/gradients... to the selectors in Script-Fu
- allow to save images by dragging them to a filemanager that supports the
  XDS protocol
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- optimizations in the Color Deficiency display filter
- transfer the clipboard content to a clipboard manager on exit
- moved cursor info out of the Info window into a dockable
- moved remaining bits of the Info Window to a new Image Properties dialog
- build and install gimp-console by default
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- allow to drag and drop image data into GIMP
- use the statusbar more to display hints and info about the tool state
- resurrected --no-data functionality
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- zoom to the cursor position instead of the display center
- some improvements to the Helpbrowser plug-in
- load PS brushes in the .abr format
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- allow to choose between different algorithms for Desaturate
- added thumbnail loader to Winicon plug-in
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- improved configuration of input controllers
- added an option to make the dock windows transient to the active image display
- lots of code cleanup and bug-fixes