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* The GIMP application core, and other portions of the
official GIMP distribution not explicitly licensed otherwise,
are licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE -- see
the 'COPYING' file in this directory for details.

[ The below explicit exemption, we hope, clears up the GIMP
developers' position concerning an ambiguity with the GNU General
Public License concerning what constitutes a 'mere aggregation'
versus a combined or derived work.  The intention is to make
it clear that arbitrarily-licensed programs such as GIMP plug-ins
do not automatically assume the GNU General Public License (GPL)
themselves simply because of their invokation of (or by) procedures
implemented in GPL-licensed code, via libgimp or a similar
interface to methods provided by the pdb: ]

* If you create a program which invokes (or provides) methods within
(or for) the GPL GIMP application core through the medium of libgimp
or another implementation of the 'procedural database' (pdb) serial
protocol, then the GIMP developers' position is that this is a 'mere
aggregation' of the program invoking the method and the program
implementing the method as per section 2 of the GNU General Public

* 'libgimp' is licensed under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE
-- see the 'COPYING' file in the libgimp/ directory for details.