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    Kevin Cozens authored
    2006-11-21  Kevin Cozens  <kcozens@cvs.gnome.org>
    	* Makefile.am: Start lines with tabs instead of spaces.
    	* tinyscheme/Makefile.am: Removed setting of USE_STRCASECMP.
    	* tinyscheme/scheme-private.h: Added some function prototypes. Don't
    	use USE_MACRO.
    	* tinyscheme/scheme.h: Removed references to USE_STRCASECMP. Added
    	SCHEME_EXPORT to prototype for scheme_set_input_port_file().
    	* tinyscheme/scheme.c: Open files in binary mode. Added SCHEME_EXPORT
    	to scheme_set_input_port_file() and scheme_set_output_port_file()
    	declarations. Removed references to USE_STRCASECMP. Renamed stricmp()
    	to utf8_stricmp and updated it to call g_utf8_strcasefold instead of
    	g_utf8_strdown. Added #define to map stricmp to utf8_stricmp.
    	* scripts/Makefile.am: Fixed ordering in lists.
    	* scripts/grid-system.scm: Don't register in the menus since the
    	script duplicates functionality of a better plug-in.
    	* scripts/paste-as-brush.scm: Moved set! to let* block.
    	* scripts/paste-as-pattern.scm: Added let* block to defined variables.
    	* scripts/tiny-fu.init: Don't load script-fu-compat.init here.
    	* scripts/ts-helloworld.scm: Don't translate strings in test scripts.
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