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    This big patch brings Tiny-Fu in sync with the Script-Fu plug-in of GIMP. · 9dc429e4
    Kevin Cozens authored
    2006-12-09  Kevin Cozens  <kcozens@cvs.gnome.org>
    	This big patch brings Tiny-Fu in sync with the Script-Fu plug-in
    	of GIMP. This will make it easier to it in sync with Script-Fu.
    	* tiny-fu/Makefile.am: Removed USE_STRCASECMP. Use the setting for
    	USE_STRLWR that is used in TinyScheme.
    	* tiny-fu/tiny-fu-console.c:
    	* tiny-fu/tiny-fu-console.h:
    	* tiny-fu/tiny-fu-interface.c:
    	* tiny-fu/tiny-fu-interface.h:
    	* tiny-fu/tiny-fu-scripts.c:
    	* tiny-fu/tiny-fu-scripts.h:
    	* tiny-fu/tiny-fu-text-console.c:
    	* tiny-fu/tiny-fu-types.h:
    	* tiny-fu/tiny-fu.c:
    	* tiny-fu/ts-wrapper.c:
    	* tiny-fu/ts-wrapper.h: Updated with the latest copy of these files
    	from the Script-Fu plug-in in the CVS version of GIMP. This includes
    	the change to the use of vectors instead of the hacked on array data
    	type to handle GIMP's PDB ARRAY argument types.
    	* tinyscheme/CHANGES: Updated to 1.38 version in TinyScheme.
    	* tinyscheme/scheme.c: Added some changes from the 1.38 version of
    	TinyScheme. Added fix for bug #1589701 (reported on SourceForge.net).
    	* tinyscheme/scheme.h: Added a prototype to quiet the compiler. Added
    	one change from the 1.38 version of TinyScheme.
    	* scripts/script-fu-compat.init: Added delq, make-list, prin1, and
    	print. Corrected name of unstrbreakup to unbreakupstr and fixed bug
    	in it. Fixed butlast to handle lists with one entry. Changes to use
    	native vector data type in aref, aset!, and cons-array.
    	* scripts/erase-rows.scm
    	* scripts/hsv-graph.scm: don't ever use the term "drawable" in
    	user-visible strings.
    	* scripts/3d-outline.scm:
    	* scripts/paste-as-pattern.scm: Formatting changes.
    	* scripts/test-sphere.scm: Show how to use named constants in register
    	block. Added SF-VECTORS entry to register block.
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