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    Updated URL for Tiny-Fu. · 08381903
    Kevin Cozens authored
    2007-03-15  Kevin Cozens  <kcozens@cvs.gnome.org>
    	* MAINTAINERS: Updated URL for Tiny-Fu.
    	* TODO: Updated.
    	* scripts/script-fu-set-cmap.scm: Change location of menu entry to
    	something that makes a bit more sense.
    	The following is from changes made to Script-Fu by Michael Natterer.
    	* scripts/difference-clouds.scm: use RUN-INTERACTVE instead of 0,
    	added (gimp-displays-flush)
    	* scripts/spyrogimp.scm: update the progress to avoid looking like
    	the script hangs. Fixes bug #356677.
    	* tiny-fu/script-fu-interface.c (script_fu_interface_report_cc): if
    	the command starts with "gimp-progress-", the script is obviously
    	showing a progress bar for itself, so clear the text instead of
    	showing an endless number of "gimp-progress-update" messages. Also
    	fixed manual main loop iteration.
    svn path=/trunk/; revision=350
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