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      Fixed my email address. · 8ba62814
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      2006-08-14  Scott Lembcke <slembcke@cvs.gnome.org>
              * ChangeLog: Fixed my email address.
              * ext/: Merged ids.c and structures.c into definitions.c. Removed
                rbgimpcolorcmyk.c and rbgimpcolorhsv.c.
              * ext/Makefile.am: Changes to reflect changes in ext/. Disabled
              * ext/conversion.c: Removed conversions for the Gimp::HSV and
                Gimp::CMYK classes.
              * ext/rbgimp.*: Minor formating changes. Removed init functions for
                removed/disabled modules.
              * ext/rbgimpconstants.c: Moved the line that defines the
                Gimp::EnumNames module outside the loop. Removed the check for the
                "GIMP_" prefix. Added directory constants.
              * ext/rbgimpdialog.c: Removed the nothing() function. In
                handle_string_types() removed the 'data' variable and replaced it
                with NULL. Removed gettext() calls as it can now be called
                dynamically from Ruby.
              * Changed the way that rb_gimp_main() is used so that plugins that
                don't use an init or quit callback don't define empty callbacks.
              * ext/rub-fu-console.c: Added a gettext() call for the window name.
                Added some commenting and rearranged some code for readability.
              * gimp-lib/rubyfu.rb: Menu items are now registered using
                RubyFu.menu_register(). Added some constants for common RubyFu
                menupaths. Minor readability changes.
              * Added plug-ins/rubyfu_menu.rb to define the Ruby-Fu menu subpaths.
              * Removed plug-ins/coolmetal-logo.rb. It's outlived it's usefulness
                for testing.
              * plug-ins/Makefile.am: Changes to reflect changes in plug-ins/
              * plug-ins/*.rb: Got all non-test plugins gettext ready. Changed all
                to use the new menu registering scheme.
              * plug-ins/runfile.rb: Some fixes were needed due to changes in
              * plug-ins/sphere.rb: Reconverted so that it uses more of the newer
              * plug-ins/sunset.rb: Changed not to use Context.push/pop. There
                seems to be a bug that prevents custom mode from working correctly
                after the context has been pushed.
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      Renamed bool2int_filter() to ruby2int_filter() and added support for nil · 43c68e81
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      2006-08-14  Scott Lembcke <lemb0029@cvs.gnome.org>
              * gimp-lib/gimp.rb: Renamed bool2int_filter() to ruby2int_filter() and
                added support for nil values. Added Drawables to the
                Param#transform() method. Changed the marshal functions for
                Gimp::RGB to use #marshal_load() and #marshal_dump instead of the
                old marshaling methods. Minor reformatting.
              * gimp-lib/gimp_oo.rb: Added the ability to blacklist certain methods
                when creating classes to prevent deprecated procedures from becoming
                methods or to avoid name collisions.
                Removed GimpOO::ClassTemplate#add_constructor() as it's no longer
              * gimp-lib/gimp_oo_*.rb: Added method blacklists for deprecated
              * gimp-lib/pdb.rb: Changed verbose mode to also display arguments to
                PDB calls. Some refactoring of the PDB::Procedure class. Interactive
                procedures are now automatically in non-interactive mode. Added a
                PDB.call_interactive() method to call PDB procedures interactively.
              * gimp-lib/rubyfu.rb: Procedures with no menu now have their menu
                label defined as their procedure name. Changed return value
                validation to ignore accidental return values for procedures that
                return no values. Minor reformatting.
              * deleted plug-ins/rerunfile.rb.
              * plug-ins/runfile.rb: Added the ruby-fu-rerunfile procedure from
              * removed plug-ins/helloworld.rb. This was intended as a tutorial
                and shouldn't have been added in the first place.
              * plug-ins/Makefile.am: Removed helloworld.rb and rerunfile.rb.
              * plug-ins/*.rb: Added the GPL license to files that were missing it.
                Minor reformatting and updates to reflect changes in
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      Moved OO type class definitions to gimp.rb. · e8452778
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      2006-08-08  Scott Lembcke <lemb0029@gnome.org>
              * gimp-lib/gimp_oo.rb: Moved OO type class definitions to gimp.rb.
              * gimp-lib/gimp.rb: Added autoload handles for all OO classes. Added
                Moved conversion of object types into the Gimp::Param class. Added
                the bool2int_filter() method to convert bools into C style bools.
              * Added files for OO types. (gimp-lib/gimp_oo_*.rb)
              * gimp-lib/Makefile.am: Added OO type files.
              * gimp-lib/pdb.rb: Added a call to bool2int() when converting pdb
                arguments. Now true/false can be used when calling procedures.
              * gimp-lib/rubyfu.rb: Fixed a bug when registering <Image> plugins.
                Moved the call to open the dialog befor converting any parameter
                types. Added support for running a procedure with the last values.
                Added a call to bool2int_filter() so ruby-fu procedures can return
              * plug-ins/: Added new example plugins: gloom.rb, helloworld.rb,
                sunset.rb. Added runfile.rb/rerunfile.rb plugins to aid in plug-in
                development. Added speed.rb plugin to the test scripts.
              * gimp-lib/Makefile.am: Added new plugins.
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      Now sets $KCODE to UTF8. Removed rubyfu.rb from list of loaded modules. · e2d11fd0
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      2006-08-03  Scott Lembcke <lemb0029@gnome.org>
              * gimp-lib/gimp.rb: Now sets $KCODE to UTF8. Removed rubyfu.rb from list
                of loaded modules.
              * gimp-lib/rubyfu.rb: Now loads gimp.rb as a dependency. Creates and END
                block to automatically call RubyFu.main. Added conversion to object
                types for procedure arguments.
              * gimp-lib/gimp_oo.rb: Added a Gimp::Param#transform method to convert
                parameters to object types if possible.
              * gimp-lib/pdb.rb: Added a call to Gimp::Param#transform on return
                values if possible.
              * plug-ins/*.rb: Updated to reflect changes in gimp-lib.
              * ext/Makefile.am: Added DLOCALEDIR to AM_CFLAGS.
              * ext/rbgimpdialog.c: Added gettext() calls.
              * ext/rbgimpmain.c: Added Gettext initialization calls.
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      Removed some unnecesary code. Clicking 'cancel' in the dialog will now · 144431ff
      Scott Lembcke authored
      2006-07-21  Scott Lembcke <lemb0029@gnome.org>
              * gimp-lib/rubyfu.rb: Removed some unnecesary code. Clicking 'cancel' in
                the dialog will now work correctly. Interactive procedures that take
                no parameters don't trigger the dialog.
              * ext/rbgimpdialog.c: Added a enumeration popup widget. show_dialog()
                now takes an extra parameter for the menu name. The procedure name
                is used as the help_id, and the menu name is used in the dialog title.
                Parameter names now have a ':' appended to their labels.
              * plug-ins/test.rb: Added the new parameter type.
  10. 20 Jul, 2006 1 commit
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      Even more parameter types added. · 14b3d80c
      Scott Lembcke authored
      2006-07-20  Scott Lembcke <lemb0029@gnome.org>
              * ext/rbgimpdialog.c: Even more parameter types added.
              * plug-ins/test.rb: Split the dialog test into two seperate procedures.
                Added the new parameter types to the tests.
              * gimp-lib/gimp.rb: Made Gimp.Color a module function so that it's
                available without including the Gimp module.
              * gimp-lib/gimp_oo.rb: Put ensure blocks on the paired procedures.
              * plug-ins/sphere.rb: Updated to use OO types and new parameter types.
  11. 19 Jul, 2006 1 commit
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      More parameter types added. · 9e8cf164
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      2006-07-19  Scott Lembcke <lemb0029@gnome.org>
              * ext/rbgimpdialog.c: More parameter types added.
              * gimp-lib/rubyfu.rb: Added RubyFu::ParamDef subtypes. Connected the
                dialog code to run for interactive mode.
              * plug-ins/test.rb: Added more parameter types to the dialog test
  12. 08 Jul, 2006 1 commit
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      Added plug-in/test.rb. · b98cc29a
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      2006-07-08  Scott Lembcke <lemb0029@gnome.org>
              * Added plug-in/test.rb.
              * gimp-lib/gimp_oo.rb: Complete re-implementation of gimp OO types.
              * gimp-lib/pdb.rb: Changed Exception handling to more closely mirror
                GIMP procedure errors. Added a verbose mode that echoes procedure
              * Removed plug-ins/hello.rb.
              * plug-ins/Makefile.am: Removed plug-ins/hello.rb.
              * gimp-lib/gimp.rb: Changes in error handling to reflect
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      Added an id for 'flags'. · 6221bcf9
      Scott Lembcke authored
      2006-07-01  Scott Lembcke <lemb0029@gnome.org>
              * ext/ids.c: Added an id for 'flags'.
              * ext/structures.c: Added Gimp::Parasite.
              * ext/rbgimp.h: Added the new id and structure.
              * Added plug-ins/test.rb.
              * gimp-lib/gimp.rb: Moved the PDB module to gimp-lib/pdb.rb. Added some
                utility methods to the Gimp::Rgb class. Added Gimp.Color as a shortcut
                for Gimp::Rgb.new. Added the Gimp::Shelf module for persistent
              * ext/*: Removed // style comments.
      	* Deleted enumconvert.rb: Didn't realize that this was still lurking
      	  around. Should never have been submited to CVS in the first place.
      	* ext/conversion.c: Removed an accidental debugging change for
      	  converting strings. Began adding functions for parasite conversion.
  15. 30 Jun, 2006 1 commit
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      Removed all references to array stubs. Arrays are now converted in place. · 39778159
      Scott Lembcke authored
      2006-06-30  Scott Lembcke <lemb0029@gnome.org>
      	* ext/: Removed all references to array stubs. Arrays are now converted in
      	* ext/conversion.c: Array conversion changed to be done in place, not
      	  usings stubs.
      	* ext/conversion.c: int8arrays are now converted to Ruby strings. That way
      	  they are more usable as data.
      	* ext/rbgimpmain.c: Changes is ext/conversion.c no longer requires the
      	  GimpParam arrays to be handled by the GC. They are now immediately
      	* ext/: Removed Gimp::ParamRegion structs.
  16. 27 Jun, 2006 1 commit
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      Added #to_proc to PDB::Procedure. · 3a1520cd
      Scott Lembcke authored
      2006-06-27  Scott Lembcke <lemb0029@gnome.org>
      	* gimp-lib/gimp.rb: Added #to_proc to PDB::Procedure.
      	* gimp-lib/rubyfu.rb: Added RubyFu::ParamDef with support for default
      	  parameters. Also, required parameters were changed to be added
      	* plug-ins/*: Minor changes to reflect the changes applied to rubyfu.rb.
  17. 25 Jun, 2006 1 commit
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      Added ext/arraytypes.c. · fa2936ca
      Scott Lembcke authored
      2006-06-24  Scott Lembcke <lemb0029@gnome.org>
      	* ext/Makefile.am: Added ext/arraytypes.c.
      	* ext/arraytypes.c: Added ext/arraytypes.c which contains stubs to wrap
           array pointers.
      	* ext/conversion.c: Added support for array conversion and ParamRegions,
      	 and changed the behavior of GimpParams2rb() to return an array of
      	 Gimp::Param structs.
      	* ext/ids.c: Added additional ids for use with Gimp::ParamRegion structs.
      	* ext/rbgimp.c: Moved constant definitions to rbgimpconstants.c and added
      	 additional module functions.
      	* ext/rbgimpconstants.c: Enumerations are now defined using
      	 gimp_enums_get_names(). Added additional constants.
      	* ext/rbgimpmain.c: GimpParam arrays are now registered with the Ruby GC
      	 so that they are freed at exit. Fixed a couple of bugs pertaining to
      	 exception handling and return values.
      	* gimp-lib/gimp.rb.c: Changed code for definition of Gimp::Param and
      	 Gimp::ParamDef. Added type checking abilities to Gimp::Param and
      	 Gimp::ParamDef. Fixed bugs in the type checking and parameter handling of
      	 the PDB module.
      	* plug-ins/Makefile.am: Added coolmetal-logo.rb.
      	* plug-ins/coolmetal-logo.rb.c: Tried porting the old ruby plugin, still
      	 has some issues with the reflection.
  18. 20 Jun, 2006 1 commit