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    Scott Lembcke authored
    2006-08-14  Scott Lembcke <slembcke@cvs.gnome.org>
            * ChangeLog: Fixed my email address.
            * ext/: Merged ids.c and structures.c into definitions.c. Removed
              rbgimpcolorcmyk.c and rbgimpcolorhsv.c.
            * ext/Makefile.am: Changes to reflect changes in ext/. Disabled
            * ext/conversion.c: Removed conversions for the Gimp::HSV and
              Gimp::CMYK classes.
            * ext/rbgimp.*: Minor formating changes. Removed init functions for
              removed/disabled modules.
            * ext/rbgimpconstants.c: Moved the line that defines the
              Gimp::EnumNames module outside the loop. Removed the check for the
              "GIMP_" prefix. Added directory constants.
            * ext/rbgimpdialog.c: Removed the nothing() function. In
              handle_string_types() removed the 'data' variable and replaced it
              with NULL. Removed gettext() calls as it can now be called
              dynamically from Ruby.
            * Changed the way that rb_gimp_main() is used so that plugins that
              don't use an init or quit callback don't define empty callbacks.
            * ext/rub-fu-console.c: Added a gettext() call for the window name.
              Added some commenting and rearranged some code for readability.
            * gimp-lib/rubyfu.rb: Menu items are now registered using
              RubyFu.menu_register(). Added some constants for common RubyFu
              menupaths. Minor readability changes.
            * Added plug-ins/rubyfu_menu.rb to define the Ruby-Fu menu subpaths.
            * Removed plug-ins/coolmetal-logo.rb. It's outlived it's usefulness
              for testing.
            * plug-ins/Makefile.am: Changes to reflect changes in plug-ins/
            * plug-ins/*.rb: Got all non-test plugins gettext ready. Changed all
              to use the new menu registering scheme.
            * plug-ins/runfile.rb: Some fixes were needed due to changes in
            * plug-ins/sphere.rb: Reconverted so that it uses more of the newer
            * plug-ins/sunset.rb: Changed not to use Context.push/pop. There
              seems to be a bug that prevents custom mode from working correctly
              after the context has been pushed.
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