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    Renamed bool2int_filter() to ruby2int_filter() and added support for nil · 43c68e81
    Scott Lembcke authored
    2006-08-14  Scott Lembcke <lemb0029@cvs.gnome.org>
            * gimp-lib/gimp.rb: Renamed bool2int_filter() to ruby2int_filter() and
              added support for nil values. Added Drawables to the
              Param#transform() method. Changed the marshal functions for
              Gimp::RGB to use #marshal_load() and #marshal_dump instead of the
              old marshaling methods. Minor reformatting.
            * gimp-lib/gimp_oo.rb: Added the ability to blacklist certain methods
              when creating classes to prevent deprecated procedures from becoming
              methods or to avoid name collisions.
              Removed GimpOO::ClassTemplate#add_constructor() as it's no longer
            * gimp-lib/gimp_oo_*.rb: Added method blacklists for deprecated
            * gimp-lib/pdb.rb: Changed verbose mode to also display arguments to
              PDB calls. Some refactoring of the PDB::Procedure class. Interactive
              procedures are now automatically in non-interactive mode. Added a
              PDB.call_interactive() method to call PDB procedures interactively.
            * gimp-lib/rubyfu.rb: Procedures with no menu now have their menu
              label defined as their procedure name. Changed return value
              validation to ignore accidental return values for procedures that
              return no values. Minor reformatting.
            * deleted plug-ins/rerunfile.rb.
            * plug-ins/runfile.rb: Added the ruby-fu-rerunfile procedure from
            * removed plug-ins/helloworld.rb. This was intended as a tutorial
              and shouldn't have been added in the first place.
            * plug-ins/Makefile.am: Removed helloworld.rb and rerunfile.rb.
            * plug-ins/*.rb: Added the GPL license to files that were missing it.
              Minor reformatting and updates to reflect changes in
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