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    Moved OO type class definitions to gimp.rb. · e8452778
    Scott Lembcke authored
    2006-08-08  Scott Lembcke <lemb0029@gnome.org>
            * gimp-lib/gimp_oo.rb: Moved OO type class definitions to gimp.rb.
            * gimp-lib/gimp.rb: Added autoload handles for all OO classes. Added
              Moved conversion of object types into the Gimp::Param class. Added
              the bool2int_filter() method to convert bools into C style bools.
            * Added files for OO types. (gimp-lib/gimp_oo_*.rb)
            * gimp-lib/Makefile.am: Added OO type files.
            * gimp-lib/pdb.rb: Added a call to bool2int() when converting pdb
              arguments. Now true/false can be used when calling procedures.
            * gimp-lib/rubyfu.rb: Fixed a bug when registering <Image> plugins.
              Moved the call to open the dialog befor converting any parameter
              types. Added support for running a procedure with the last values.
              Added a call to bool2int_filter() so ruby-fu procedures can return
            * plug-ins/: Added new example plugins: gloom.rb, helloworld.rb,
              sunset.rb. Added runfile.rb/rerunfile.rb plugins to aid in plug-in
              development. Added speed.rb plugin to the test scripts.
            * gimp-lib/Makefile.am: Added new plugins.
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