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Scott Lembcke committed
Make sure all the useful parts of the C API were wrapped. 
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Kevin Cozens committed

Weird crash occurs in the call test when testing the incoming arguments?
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Scott Lembcke committed

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The color code has turned out to be sub-par, lots of room for improvment.

Figure out how the brush selection should really work.

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Add a reset button to the interactive dialog.

Add more control to widget resizing for the dialog.
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Scott Lembcke committed

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Add autoconf checks for gettext support.
- Ruby gettext may be available as a gems package or a non-gems package.
  The check for gettext should not expect either method of its existance.

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Add check in build environment for irb.
- If irb doesn't exist, don't build ruby-fu-console.c or install console
  mode script.

Add extraction of translatable strings to build process.
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Add an INSTALL file that explains the requirements and process to build and
install gimp-ruby.

Add a browse button to console mode.
- This may require creation of a PDB browser that can return the framework
  of a call to the selected PDB item in a Ruby compatible format.