Commit f7b7ee40 authored by Ed J's avatar Ed J

add Changes for 2.31_01

parent f4bc36d7
Revision history for Perl module Gimp
2.31_01 2016-05-01
- Add on_proc hook called in lib mode only
- Correctly handle returning of selected vals for storing
- Add code param to UI::interact
- Update examples README with updated tutorial location
- Perl-Console now runs commands on startup.
- update to proper Changes format
- update to use EUMM XSMULTI
- remove from MANIFEST MYMETA.* (oops)
- Move build system to using Alien::Gimp, unify typemaps
- Reduce false positives in make setver.
- dist target doesn't need gzip specified.
Bug fixes:
- Avoid 5.21 sprintf warnings if no %d
- Avoid uninit warning
- If too many args to PDB call, report how many right.
2.31 2014-06-01
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