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Revision history for Perl module Gimp
2.31 2014-06-01
- $Gimp::verbose == 1 only give PDB calls.
- Handle undef better in Gimp::UI.
- Make ->become return object.
- Don't allow use of deprecated PDB procs.
- Add gimp_procedural_db_query to Lib.xs.
- Gimp::Net Gimp::UI for FONT graceful handling undef default.
- set_transient no-op if no UI.
- Use Gimp::UI to init GIMP theme.
- Use gimp_ui_init.
- Doc that $region->data only good in iterator. Also address bug 731935.
- Document Gimp::PixelRgn PDL dims.
- Meaningful variable description.
- registry_viewer, using IO::Async
- iland plugin updates:
- iland only set data after finished work.
- iland call get_row less.
- iland RGB only, work with alpha, merge_shadow only once.
- Make iland return created image.
- Changes contributed by
- Iland modification and rewriting
- Gallery changes and some defaults modifications
- Tidy-up for repdup, stamps, stampify, randomblend, image_tile and triangle plugins
- Tidy ups for frame_filter, glowing_steel, goldenmean, warp-sharp
- Xachlego tidy up and webify fix
- Make gallery work with GIF.
- Use correct OO notation on sethspin.
- gallerymaker lives under File/Create.
- Install image_tile by default.
- Simplify saw functions.
- HTML::Entities needed by Web::Scraper in RV.
- Use mkdir as $HOME will always exist.
Bug fixes:
- Protect Gtk2 from NUL by sub-ing. Bug 731935
- Make Gimp::UI handle PF_COLOUR when Gimp::Net. Bug 731805
- Improve error reporting on Gimp::PixelRgn->new.
- Fix string2pf losing %arg for drawable.
- run_mode can only be defined.
- Tidy up help window.
- Make Gimp::UI load Gtk2 with C LC_NUMERIC locale.
- Initialise bump_?off, tidy-up.
- Use epsilon in colour floating-point comparison. Bug 730958
- Since ->become checks validity, no need to do manually.
- Gimp::Base->existing and become now check validity; test that.
- There is no bucket_fill, only edit_bucket_fill. Use tests!
- Make Gimp::Net pass floats as floats using "C" locale.
- Use gimp_window_set_transient. Bug 727578.
- Data::Dumper needs localised-number protection too - seems all XS do.
- More delocalising numbers stored in Gimp::Data.
- C types correction.
- No parameters, no POD needed.
2.30_05 2014-05-28
- build system: Properly enable _ in $VERSION.
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