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add Changes for 2.3 and 2.3000_01

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Revision history for Perl module Gimp
2.3000_01 2014-04-19 Ed J
- Make Gimp::Fu scripts run right from command line. Bug 728545
- Make Perl-Server be extension, clean up on exit. Bug 728541
- Add Gimp::on_quit. Bug 728539
- Remove allowing just PF_IMAGE as return parameter. Bug 728538
- Delete Gimp::Net::*lock, move constants to XS. Bug 728537
- Make ColorDB able to handle spaces in names. Bug 728535
- Restore logo.xpm. Bug Bug 728394
- Stop Gimp::Fu constantly doing set_trace(0). Bug 728233
- Rip out Gimp::logger. Bug 728164
- Support ExtUtils::Depends. Bug 728161
- Integrate Changes into ChangeLog, delete/rename minor files. Bug 728159
- Put Gimp::Fu POD after __END__, check param cache timestamp. Bug 728156
- Make Gimp::UI use sliders/spinners for PF_INT*. Bug 728070
- Make plugin return values match PDB signature. Bug 728069
- Document how to make gimp-perl extension. Bug 728068
- Test and document PDL in plugin mode. Bug 725619
- Test supplied plugins, delete Gimp::Feature. Bug 727126
- Complete move of Perl Server to examples/. Bug 727126
- Tools to find deprecated GIMP procs, changes of those. Bug 727127
- Update examples/windify to GIMP 2.8.10. Bug 534130
- Remove obsolete Gimp/ Bug 727128
- Eliminate unnecessary stderr now exceptions handled. Bug 727108
- Fix TODO to use utf8. Bug 727122
- Gimp/ goes, MANIFEST tidied. Bug 727106
- Get rid of old enum stuff. Bug 727098
- Load enums from GIMP, not hardcoding. Bug 502556
- Tidy Gimp::Net code. Bug 727002
- Namespace pollution iff ':pollute'. Bug 726952
- Makefile.PL's were putting libs before .o. Bug 726930
- All net-mode code into Gimp::Net. Bug 726862
- Move canonicalize_colour, set_rgb_data and DATA. Bug 726843
- Use GIMP font selector, not Gtk one. Bug 502558
- Examples had syntax, old menu locations. Bug 526998
- 'install' target now correctly installs plugins. Bug 574572
- Pass $Gimp::verbose in Gimp::Net mode. Bug 726751
- Plugin empty input params fixed. Bug 726488
- Eliminate some memory leaking. Bug 525016
- PF_ADJUSTMENT default handling now correct. Bug 144564
- Plugin exceptions now passed correctly. Bug #726439
- Plugins return values; some tidying. Bug #726387
- Use gimp_procedural_db_proc_exists. Bug #726213
- Test perl plugin functionality. Bug #726085
- Errors are fatal and reported right. Bug #726084
- Code/doc tidy-up - no substantive changes. Fixes bug #726082.
- Update to ITEM and VECTORS. Added test of changes. Patch by Ed J. Bug #725487
- Patch by Ed J to update gppport.h and eliminate warnings. Closes bug #725475.
- Removed execute perms from po/pt.po file.
- Updated list of files in using patch from Ed J
- Don't assume first colour palette will have 256 colours
- Added support for COLORARRAY and VECTORS
- updated tests
- Make Gimp::Net fail gracefully if gimp-perl fails rather than hanging.
- Updated URL for basic GIMP Perl tutorial. Spotted by Ed J. (See bug #722468)
- Added ITEM support and allow tests to pass. Fix by Ed J for bug #722430.
- Changed format of version number to be more like that of a Perl module.
- Generate MYMETA.* files with git repository URLs. Fix bug #721601.
2.3 2014-01-05 Ed J
- Removed obsolete file. Patch from Ed J closes bug #721506.
- Corrected and updated some of the information in the README.
- Updated to require the 2.8 version of GIMP.
- Fixed compile when building for GIMP 2.8 or later. From changes by Ed J.
- po/ru.po: converted the file from obsolete KOI8-R to UTF-8
- Updated project information and corrected an e-mail address.
- Updated EXE_FILES to refer to location of recently moved executable scripts.
- Set permissions on colorhtml example script to mark it as executable.
- Stripped file of bytes which made it get treated as a binary file.
- Updated example scripts so they no longer use deprecated PDB procedures.
NOTE: There might still be some use of deprecated procedures where the
procedures are accessed as member functions of object based variables.
- Moved some scripts in to a utils directory. Updated MANIFEST and TODO files.
- s?/opt/bin/perl?/usr/bin/perl? on:
- examples/animate_cells
- examples/blowinout
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