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add Changes for 2.30_03

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Revision history for Perl module Gimp
2.30_03 2014-05-16
- No "setver" on itself.
- TODO item for podregister_ui.
- Last trace of set_trace.
- No more set_trace. Lib.xs now responds to $Gimp::verbose.
- Avoid undef $Gimp::verbose in t/gimppod.t
- Multi-level verbose.
- Strip down args on Perl-Server.
- Allow (and test) command-line running of multi-proc scripts.
- No more :auto in tests.
- Make Gimp::Net pass PDL objects right.
- Document non-PDL pixel functions.
- Improve "usage" message.
- Provide default gradient.
- Use "our" not "use vars".
- Delete obsolete exception-handling scheme remnants.
- Make Gimp::Fu handle <Load> and <Save>.
- Command-line handle PF_RADIO, no crash on Gimp::UI::export_image.
- Improve exceptions keeping user-source location.
- Fixed 15-year old cut and paste error.
- Document UI::interact slightly.
- Fix register_temp params taken in wrong order!
- Gimp::Fu no -o issue sorted.
- save_image: No flatten by default, remove "filetype" at start.
- Fixup for no deprecated PDB procs, add IMAGE return.
- Disable deprecated PDB procs.
- Allow <None> as menu, turn to undef.
- Update obsolete PDB procedures.
- Update deprecated PDB procs.
- Add %filename:\d+ to drawable on command line.
- If on_net and $interact and no $outputfile, ask.
- Finish Gtk2::FileChooserDialog changeover.
- Use filesystem not "recent".
- Allow "bad" inputs if $interact true.
- Nested Dialog->run doesn't work.
- Slight improvement on initial Dialog show.
- Make Gimp::Fu always process cmd-line args before possible interact().
- Use Gtk2::Dialog->run.
- Update TODO
- Switch dropdown to ComboBox, add Browse and Refresh to image/drawables.
- Exercise INT8 code.
- Make data-driven, not if-ladder.
- Font-select crashes if Gimp::Net - use Gtk2 then.
- Make PF_TEXT UI work.
- Implement register_temp.
- Implement add_listener.
- =head3 shouldn't be so long.
- Run-mode can also be GIMP_RUN_WITH_LAST_VALS.
- Make Gimp::Extension, first cut.
- Eliminate remnant of cut&paste during earlier work.
- Test non-present POD section behaviour.
- Move fixup_args into Gimp::Pod.
- Fix false negatives on setver.
- Return values, display new image.
2.30_02 2014-05-01
- delete obsolete files
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